But What is Interrobang?!


A non-standard punctuation mark (‽) indicating a question expressed in an exclamatory manner, as in what are you doing‽

Interrobang is an Edinburgh based storytelling, poetry and live music night with a slightly different flavour?! Think democratic spoken word and adorably edgy sensibilities. Hosted and produced by your charming curators Beth Cochrane and Ricky Monahan Brown.

You can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/interrobangers
Or on Twitter at @InterrobangEdin

Big thanks for Kirsty Cochrane for capturing 1kg of confetti being thrown at Ricky!

Posted by Interrobang on Thursday, 2 March 2017

2 thoughts on “But What is Interrobang?!”

  1. Hey,

    Just ended up here randomly while looking for some interesting music gear in a facebook group. I’m a music performer with an interesting setup and I really like this kind of nights where different artforms are combined. I would love to get involved.

    You can find more information about me on http://www.caveyear.com

    Kind regards,


    1. Hey, Arno!

      Ricky Interrobang had the huge pleasure of seeing you perform with The Dirty Lies at the Leith Depot. We’re going on a break for the summer, but would love to have you involved – we’ll reach out when we start pulling together the programme for Interrobang’s 2017-2018 season….



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