The Interrobang Interrogation – Gavin Inglis

It’s the War On Christmas Eve!

Well, not Christmas Eve. We like Christmas Eve. It’s… well, never mind. Let’s try that again.

We’ve got another Interrobang Interrogation with a featured 404 Ink author today – Gavin Inglis.

Gavin writes games and interactive stories, contributing to fitness app Zombies, Run! and gothic tea-break epic Fallen London. Depending on your mood, you can try his sensitive mental health piece Hana Feels ( or wreak a blood-soaked revenge on your home town in the phone game Neighbourhood Necromancer.

His book Crap Ghosts is an ideal Xmas present for those hard-to-please relatives. You can find Gavin at, and @gavininglis on Twitter.

"A questionnaire, you say? Sounds like fun!"
Gavin models his Christmas jumper

And here’s how Gavin answered our questions:

‽:  If you had to write a letter to ‘Santa’, is there anything you’d particularly like to say to him?

GI:  Thanks for that Fisher-Price garage; it was totally worth waiting a year for.

‽:  What film would you choose to watch at Christmas?

GI:  Trading Places

‽:  Is there a Christmas tradition you’d love to get rid of?

GI:  I’d criminalise the display of any Xmas merchandise before Dec 11th.

‽: What song would you like as your entry music at War on Christmas? Or should we just choose something?

GI: I’m Gonna Spend my Christmas With a Dalek by the [English, 1960s] Go-⁠Gos.

‽: You’re talking Ricky Interrobang’s language!

‽: What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

GI:  I’d just like people to be nicer to strangers this year.

Thanks a lot to Gavin for that wee aperitif! Come along to Interrobang and 404 Ink – The War on Christmas at The Bongo Club on 9th December as he delivers a quick appetizer and then a main course of his story from 404 Ink Issue 1: Error!

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