Interrobang Interrogation – Nick Holdstock

Interrobang and The Ogilvie’s – A New World is TOMORROW. That’s right, TOMORROW. The Biscuit Factory, 7pm, tickets on the door for £5, or via Eventbrite.

Terribly exciting.

Our final Interrobang Interrogation….?!

Nick Holdstock is the author of The Casualties, a novel, and several books about China. He writes for The Guardian and the London Review of Books. You can find him at or @NickHoldstock.

Photograph Nick Holdstock

?!: It’s time for A New World. What Earth-shattering thing would you invent to usher it in?

The Apple Dream Recorder.

?!: But if we’re stuck in this world for now, where in it would you like to visit to experience a sense of renewal? 

My youth.

?!: And what’s the most vivid representation of a new world that you’ve seen on page or screen?

Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban.

?!: Antonín Dvořák thought the New World sounded like his ninth symphony. But what music is playing as your new world crashes into existence?

Some as yet unrecorded song by Godspeed! You Black Emperor that features a lot of screaming.

In absence of an unrecorded piece

?!: Finally (and without giving too much away!) what can you tell us about what you’ll be sharing at A New World?!

Part of my novel The Casualties, which is all about the price and pain of change. Spoiler: it hurts.

Excellent. Let’s leave on a high?! 

Here are some other useful links, if you’d like to check out some of Nick’s work pre-show.

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