Keep Watching…

Just two more sleeps until We Are Watching, and the Interrobang crew are getting increasingly excited! Ricky absolutely refuses to calm down.

What a shower!
Jacques! You said this was cold water!!

The reasons for our excitement are manifold. We’ve got Edinburgh Makar, CHRISTINE DE LUCA! We’ve got Beth Cochrane inspiration and writer-in-residence supreme, MARJORIE LOTFI GILL!! We’ve got broadsheet favourite and Scottish PEN board member, LAURA WADDELL!!! We’ve got consummate poet and performer COLIN MCGUIRE!!!!

What? Ancient references, Ricky?!
But wait! There’s more!!

Indeed there is, ancient references’ Jimmy Cricket! We’ve got brilliantly on-point music from SUPER INUIT! NIK WILLIAMS is going to talk about why we should all care about our surveillance society!! And there will be Live! Art!! HAPPENINGS!!!

And possibly humour, and prop-assisted storytelling!!!!

Because that's not a thing
But not at the same time, we promise!

So get along to the Bongo Club’s event page and secure your ticket – don’t miss the excitement!


But is it ART?!

So. The world didn’t end for INTERROBANG?!’s End of the World Party. We can’t get ’em all right.

Hey, we all make mistakes.
Man. *You* were surprised?!

But it’s not all bad news. The End of the World Party was tremendous fun. Headliners RYAN VAN WINKLE, KATHARINE MACFARLANE, ANDREW BLAIR, and LAURA WADDELL were entertaining, funny, heartbreaking, and wise. Open mic-ers New Writers Award 2017 winner SIMON K BROWN, and Book Festival Story Shoppers HEATHER PARRY and NANDINI SEN were transporting, too! And of course, Edinburgh’s Novella Award shortlistee and greatest living writer of the humorous volunteer-performed two-handed playlet – JACQUES TSIANTAR – brought the goods as always.

Since we’re all still here, we’ve got more awesome INTERROBANG?! to bring you…

But look! PAINT!
But is it ART?! – No. It’s a play. A bunch of words.

We’re very pleased that INTERROBANG?! is part of this year’s Edinburgh Student Art Festival. Beth and Ricky had the good fortune to do a short set at the ESAF opening night party, and the audience were awesome. Put an ESAF audience together with an INTERROBANG?! audience, and we’re sure it’s going to be a great night of spoken word, music, storytelling, theatre, and live painting.

HOW?! WHERE?!?! WHEN?!?!?!

We’re looking forward to hosting:

  • ERIK PETRIE, as the painter and photographer of country and city landscapes shares real life experiences of art at the sharp end?!
  • ROSS MCCLEARY, as the Billy Crystal of experimental prose presents a Portrait of the Artist as an Artist Creating Art?!
  • SUPER INUIT, who’ll be dropping a live set of inspirational tunes for LIVE VOLUNTEER PAINTING?!
  • CHRIS MCQUEER, as the fresh new Glasgow writer returns after wowing Edinburgh at the War On Christmas?! launch of 404 Ink’s Error.
  • AMANDA and JONATHAN CURRIE, as the multi-instrumentalists team up to bring you all live music to sooth the savage artist?!

We’ll be letting out more info about the show as the week progresses, but it’s all gonna kick off in the fantastic surroundings of The Biscuit Factory at 7pm on Saturday, 18th Feb. You can get advance tickets at the social enterprise ticketing company Tickets for Good here.