Interrobang Interrogation – Becca Inglis

Say kids, what time is it?!

It’s almost time for INTERROBANG: Now Is Not The Time?!  We kick off on Saturday, 24th June at 2pm, at The Biscuit Factory.

We’re delighted that Becca Inglis will be joining us – Becca’s one of our favourite people on the Edinburgh arts scene, and if you’ve read her blazing intellect and insight at work in 404 Ink’s Nasty Woman, she’s already one of yours, too.

Break glass in case of fire
CAUTION: Blazing intellect at work!

Becca Inglis is an Edinburgh-based writer who regularly reviews theatre and poetry for TV Bomb, with a special focus on women writers and artists. As well as Nasty Women, she’s also been published in the Dangerous Women Project and blogged for Hollaback!, Linguisticator, and Lunar Poetry.

And here’s how she answered the questions in the Interrobang Interrogation for Now Is Not The Time:

?!:  If now is not the time, in what era would you prefer to live and why?

BI:  Definitely the 90s – being a 90s kid is a bit rubbish because we were too young to make the most of all the good pop and underground music that was going around at the time. If I could shift my birth date back a decade and go to even just one original jungle night, I would.

Settle down, old fella!
Someone’s talking Ricky’s language!

?!:  In whatever time you live, you’ve been granted the power to slow down time. What are you going to do while time is stopped? Run through a field of wheat? Or something less naughty than that?

BI:  Can you walk on water when time’s frozen? That sounds fun. Otherwise, walking from one end of Princes Street to the other without all the tourists slowing me down would be pretty satisfying – I like to dream big.

?!:  What’s that thing you’d really like to do that keeps getting put off until another time?

BI: Do you mean putting away that laundry that now just lives on a drying rack in my kitchen, or buying a plane ticket to Japan?

?!:  Let’s push the boat out – both! When you’re done, it’s time to share your work with the Now Is Not The Time audience! What’s that piece of music that’s putting you in the mood for the right here, right now?

BI: How about Soul Time by Shirley Ellis?

?!:  Awesome! We think the number of Northern Soul fans we have as Interrobang guests reflects well on us. Now, as you gaze out into the audience, they’re ready for you, they’re present. It’s time. Without being too spoiler-ific, what can you tell us about what they’re going to hear?

BI:  A true story about the time British politics seemed weirdly in sync with my personal life. There’s a message in there somewhere about making bad decisions actually being really good for you.

Please note: does not apply to Brexit, or anyone named Boris.

Thanks a lot to Becca for indulging the INTERROBANG?! Interrogation. What could her story possibly be about? We can’t wait to find out! Come along to INTERROBANG: Now Is Not The Time?! at The Biscuit Factory on 29 April (£5 suggested admission) and you can find out, too. Thanks!

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